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 Rock Stream Vineyards is also a distillery with Grappa, liqueurs, and ports.  Our Grappa is a Double Gold Medal winner at the New York Wine Classic.  Grappa is an Italian-style brandy made from grape skins and is 40% alcohol.  Our liqueurs are made from distilled wine (grape brandy)  and contain 25-30% alcohol.  The liqueurs are generally sweet and flavored with natural extracts.  We also serve ports which are white and red.  They are fortified wines or simply wine with our grape brandy added.  The ports are typically 18% alcohol and 10% residual sugar.


Rock Stream also offers 15 different wines organized into flights of dry, semi, and sweet wines.  The dry flight consists of an oaked dry Chardonnay, our famous dry Niagara, an amazing dry Riesling, a new red blend called OMG Vino, and a super smooth Cabernet Franc.  The semi flight has a crisp and refreshing Seyval Blanc, a spicy Traminette, our favorite semi-dry Riesling, an unoaked Chardonnay, and a super mellow red blend called Rock Stream Queen.  Our sweet flight features a fun sweet white blend called Queen of DeNile, a sweet and fruity Seyval Blanc, our gold medal-winning and best selling Make Me Blush, a seedless grape blend named Poolside Pink, and a sweet dessert-style Vignoles.

The tasting room on Route 14 and Fir Tree Point Road is on the west side of Seneca Lake in the heart of New York's Finger Lakes region.  We've been open since July 2005 and now we're Seneca Lake’s only winery that is also a licensed Grappa and Grape Brandy distillery.  The vineyard has 20 acres of vines producing over 100 tons of grapes annually to make premium, hand-crafted wines.  Rock Stream also features 4 beers on tap made by Grist Iron Beer Company and Liquid State Brewing.  Come by and visit all year round and enjoy "The Wine of Your Life.”

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